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Then there was Harry...

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Honestly we could go on but I think you get the point by now!


I've Been Exactly Where You Are!

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>> Millions of Dollars In Total Revenue Generated
>> Over 500 Clients All Over The World
>> Worked & Supplied Fortune 500 Companies
>> Built multiple 6-7 Figure Businesses

I get asked a lot, "Ian, what makes what you teach different than anyone else?"

It's a fair question and all I tell people is that I've done exactly what you're trying to do! I've built multiple e-commerce businesses taking an idea from my head all the way through to getting them into famous international retail shelves and supplying some of the world’s largest companies. And I’ve developed truly unique innovative methods over the last 5 years, not from taking a course but using my own products and e-commerce businesses.

In other words, I know what you need to be doing right now to take the next step in your e-commerce business!

Frequently Asked Questions...


We don’t waste time, this sessions is all about you and hyper focused around that. They usually last 30 minutes however if you need more help we will always stay longer!
We will start off with you, where you’re business is at, what issues you’re facing, and then give you a ton of personal value specific to your business/situation, which you can literally take away instantly and start seeing the results.
We don’t do any BS courses or coaching programs. 97% of people who join these types of things never get any result. We don’t feel morally right or comfortable offering this. Everything we do is value first and value giving. We genuinely value you and want to make a massive difference in your business and life. We only ever offer services that guarantee your results.

80/20 in terms of those who reach the goal set when starting with us – we get 50 clients a month (minimum), that’s a lot of volume. It is hard to get 100% of results for numerous reasons. Unfortunately, even with all the tools in the world and highly individualized 1-1 service, some individuals still won’t put the work in and some products just won’t sell. However the 80% who do get results and hit their goals and we always offer a sales or growth guarantee.

Long story short if you don’t like hard work and you blame others for where you are not a fit for you. If you want to follow a method that has been responsible for the success and results in the millions and some of the most well-known companies in the industry, then this is for you (even if your store sucks).

We literally go from A to Z. 1. Creating premium brand identity so you can increase your profit margins, conversions, and customer loyalty 2. The building or rebuilding a Shopify store with a 100% proven to convert design (approved by Shopify themselves) 3. Setting up all backend automation in the store 4. Creating a profitable sales funnel for you to accompany the store 5. Running paid ads to bring in sales to the store 6. Bringing organic traffic to the store to make more sales for free 7. Promoting customer loyalty to bring back repeat purchases and brand loyalty

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NOTE: This Training is NOT for Everyone…

Not everyone can create a profitable online business. Your results are not guaranteed. This training is only for those that are hard working, realize that success does not come easy, and are willing to put in the work when problems arise. This training will however, give you insight behind a very successful digital marketing!


The eastmainco.com website and the information it contains includes business and marketing systems and strategies and other business advice for entrepreneurs. Although this information is based on actual experience and results implementing said strategies, Ian Magley and eastmainco.com make NO implied or expressed guarantee of results. Even with flawless implementation of said strategies, there are far too numerous factors at play… All beyond an individual’s control, that could hinder results. Please use your discretion when deciding to invest your money in any new business strategy or approach, and please understand that you assume all financial risk and potential expense for any decisions you make in this respect.

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