Real-Time Reporting

Stay in-the-know about what’s working with your digital marketing dashboard.

Client Dashboard

Beautiful and effective client dashboards
for all your reporting needs.

Real-Time Reporting

Client Dashboard

Digital marketing has never been this much easy before! Our hi-tech dashboard provides you a summary of everything you need to know about your content’s performance.

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Complete Transparency

Our digital marketing policies are crystal clear! Every campaign and promotion is done without keeping anything in the dark. Everything will be done before, leaving no doubt in mind.

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Complete Control

Manage and control dashboard to meet the needs of your business. Our campaigns are available 24/7 with all the metrics you need to track the performance of your business. This is indeed something which makes us stand out among our competitors.

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Multi-Company Access

Have more than one business? Don’t worry! Just log in with your master user and password and monitor everything that's going on with the companies under your name!


The destination for all your needs in one integrated digital marketing platform.

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Seamless Incorporation

If you’ve had marketing services in the past, then you’ve probably already created a Google Analytics account. If that’s the case, then mixing it into our dashboard is more accessible than scrambling around for access.

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Multiple Options

Search through several accounts to see real-time reporting for your business inside one single dashboard. Everything will be in one platform, but we’re more than a one trick pony! We’re everything you need in an integrated digital marketing platform.

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The Adding Doesn’t Stop

The goal is to have all your data metrics in one convenient location. With that being said, the more integrations we have available, the more companies will need our platform. We will never stop the integrations!

Real-Time Reporting

Stay in-the-know about what’s working with your digital marketing dashboard.

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Real-Time Reporting

When your business is listed across 70+ locations quickly, the better chance you have of transforming your customers into potential buyers. Everything is intricately organized allowing you to view metrics including listing status, demographics, live links, and analytics.

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Call, Form, and Funnel Tracking

Proving your Return of Investment is what we strive to do, especially when running ad campaigns. The best way to see results is to track actual conversions including phone calls, and form and funnel submissions.

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Activity Recording

Our daily tasks are accounted for on the activity feed in real time. Our timeline highlights what happened during the task, who finished it, and when, followed by an email for complete notification.

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Key Performance Indicators

We will find all the key performance indicators that are crucial to the promotion of your business. Our goal is to do everything possible to make the most of your Return of Investment. All the metrics spanning your campaigns will let you know what’s working behind the scenes.

Call Tracking

It’s time to find out which marketing tactic is generating calls by using our call tracking software.

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Our Software is Unmatched

With our call tracking software, you’ll have no trouble finding out if your incoming calls are qualified. If the campaign needs some optimization to attract the visitors and generate higher quality leads, you’ll have all the answers in one place.

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Robust Call Analytics

Record, track, and analyze call performance with standard call-tracking metrics. The source of the call, the caller’s name & ID, phone number, and other KPIs are imperative to monitor.

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Answered vs. Missed Calls

Phone calls and feedback aren’t going straight to you from your clients are a thing of the past. Answered and missed calls will be recorded into your dashboard with date and time stamp, so you know have an approximate time of attempted contact.

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Nothing Will Get Past You

If the prospective client can’t reach you via phone call, he can leave a message; not only will our system pick it up, we’ll record and save the message! Everything you need to view from the call will be recorded and organized right into the dashboard.

Analytics Reporting

What also matters is one integrated dashboard that can track all of your campaigns including Adwords, SEO, Programmatic, Facebook, and Google Analytics.

Integrate All Your Marketing Activities Into One Reporting Dashboard

Data Matters. Analytics Matters. Reporting Matters. And above all, ROI Matters. Those are the cornerstones of our analytics team and how we showcase the effectiveness of any comprehensive digital campaigns we launch for clients. We can track many of your standard channels via one dashboard including, but NOT limited.

Track All Your Phone Calls With ROI Precision

For most companies and organizations, phone calls are the main determining factor for capturing business. Many companies that do receive phone calls do not track the effectiveness of their advertising or which campaigns are translating into phone calls. Our call tracking combined with our Analytics dashboard allows for us to track calls.

Let Our Analytics Team Track All Your Conversions & Pre Conversions

Some companies want to measure phone calls or leads. But there is is always a bigger story to tell on all the actions that lead up to real leads, sales, and even foot traffic to your company. Our advanced analytics team can track everything that is critical to you understanding whether your advertising is truly translating into actions and leads. Whether it was someone who clicked on your ads or simply “viewed” your ads, we an measure attribution back to the following actions on your website and your store.

Our ability to track online AND offline conversions is what sets our team a part from other digital agencies. The ability to track someone who saw your Ad and actually visited your store is powerful. We utilize a slew of data points and conversion metrics that are relevant to your campaign including but not limited.

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