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Too many marketing obstacles stopping you from boosting your sales? Outsource your marketing department to get strategies that work and save your time and money.

Dominate Your Market

If you are selling any kind of products or services online (or want to be found online) then this might be the most important thing you see this week.

Most companies are not clear on their true strategy, buyer persona, core message, customer value journey and more. They do not have a true “marketing system”. They may have other systems and SOP’s in their business but for some reason having a true marketing system, marketing SOP’s a Marketing Machine as I like to put it is often overlooked.

Having worked with nearly 700 companies in my agencies over the last 6+ years I have taken this knowledge and created the framework for implementing just that for small and medium sized businesses.

Your Business will keep Losing Sales to Competitors if You Don’t Have a…

It’s Time You Stop Leaving Money on the Table

You implement marketing strategies that push customers away instead of persuading them into buying your products.

You are handing over thousands and thousands of sales to your competitors who have hit the nail right on the head with their marketing.

You are injecting money left and right in marketing and still not getting any results.

You are tired of trying and failing…

And are slowly losing all hope.

Well, do not!

There is a proven marketing framework that can stop your brand from losing loads of money on marketing and actually get you sales.

This one-of-a-kind action plan works like magic every time and generates instant leads and sales no matter what you are selling.

I have honed this game plan after marketing for nearly 700 companies over the last 6+ years.

I decided to name it ‘marketing machine’ because this framework puts your marketing and sales on a path to autonomy.

If you book a call below, I am ready to share it with you and see if we can be a fit to help you install this system.

Eager to learn about this marketing machine that gets you tons of sales and money without you having to do anything?

Introducing 90-Day Growth Accelerator:

In 90-Day Growth Accelerator, I become your part-time CMO for 90-110 days, and you have my entire team at your disposal as a bolt-on marketing department. We build the strategy, put down the nails, then hammer them home, creating a foundation for long-term sustainable marketing clarity and growth.

And provide you with a true marketing system that will skyrocket your business’s sales while you focus on what you do best. You can truly unleash the power of the marketing machine in the 90-Day Growth Accelerator.

We will Accelerate Your Business Growth in 5 Simple Steps

  1. We’ll start by looking at what’s working now in your business and identifying areas we can improve upon
  2. We’ll then identify your customer avatar and begin digging into what drives them to make a purchasing decision
  3. Next, we’ll work together to map the marketing journey your customers take when buying your product and then look to optimize that process
  4. Then, we will want to identify and measure metrics we should be tracking week-in-and-week-out to keep an eye on your growth goals
  5. Finally, we’ll look to outline the Key Initiatives you’ll need to focus on in the next 90 days to help you reach your growth goals. So, tune in, and let’s get going!

The Framework We’ll Use to Build Your Marketing System:

Discovering The Growth Triad And How It Can Add To Your Business

Learn About The Growth Flywheel And How It Can Help You Plan Your Next Quarter

Building Your 90-Day Gameplan

Discover Who You Are Exactly Trying To Sell With The Customer Avatar Tool

Document Your Strategy By Going Through The Customer Value Journey Discovery Session With Our Team

We Build Your Actionable Metric By Creating A Growth Scorecard

We Optimize With Tools And Tactics Such As The Growth Lever Canvas And Big 3 Canvas To Help Your Business Scale

When You Go on Vacation Do You Want To Sit On The Beach With An Umbrella Drink Or…

  • Look at 500 reviews to find the right place
  • Book a room
  • Try to find overpriced flights
  • Pack
  • Find a ride or park at the airport
  • Wait in check-in lines
  • Find a place for your bag
  • Sit in a way too small seat
  • Deal with turbulence and flatulence 
  • Lose luggage 
  • And all the other frustrations

We Give You the Real Vacation by
Taking Care of Your Journey

We are accountable for building your marketing strategy and much more. We develop your marketing system, oversee its execution with your team, and make sure it drives sales. Our proven process is designed to support B2B and B2C companies regardless of size or industry type. This repeatable process is structured to be dependable and consistent yet flexible enough to accommodate your unique marketing needs.

Do These Sound Familiar?

  • Do you get hopeless when you do not see the results despite working hard?
  • Do you feel frustrated when you do not get the freedom to do what you love?
  • Are you losing a big chunk of your business’s profits in building marketing strategies that do not deliver?
  • Do you feel a communication gap between you and your marketing team?

Let’s face it: You aren’t Achieving Your Marketing Goals.

You are stuck in a money pit, pumping your time and money into your marketing in the hopes of growing your business and still not making the progress you want.

Your strategies fail to align with your audience, and your ideas struggle to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape.

The truth is that you need to partner up with a team that can craft engaging and innovative strategies to bring profits to the table.

That's where the 90-Day growth accelerator fits in.

The 90-Day growth accelerator helps you boost your profits by implementing effective marketing strategies tailored to your business’s needs.

We Guarantee Your Business’s Growth by:

Building Foundations for Your Business’s Growth (Day 1-30)

  1. Build a 90-Day Game plan.
  2. Build Customer Persona and Customer Journey
  3. Build Growth Scorecard/KPIs

Optimizing Strategies for Your Business (Day 30-60)

  1. Establish Executable Projects
  2. Review KPIs and Growth Process
  3. Process Bottlenecks

Accelerating The Growth of Your Business (Day 60-90)

  1. Create Content Funnel Map
  2. Create Growth Lever Canvas
  3. Optimize and Scale.


We offer a 30-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

  1. If at the end of 30 days, you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked
  2. This guarantee drives us to only sign customers whom we know will benefit from our services
  3. We don’t just work with anyone; we work with people we know we can produce great results for Month to month agreements, no long-term contracts

You Don’t Have Much Time!

To help our clients reach their marketing goals at the end of the 30 days, we take up only 3-5 clients/month.

And so, our quota for the month will end as soon as the limited spots are filled.

You do not want to delay the growth of your business by another 30-days, do you?

As Your Bolt On Marketing Team We Will Provide:

  • A redesigned or brand-new website 
  • Full onsite and offsite SEO 
  • Google AdWords/Pay Per Click-Full management
  • OmniPPC
  • Content Management and Creation
  • Email Creation and Management 
  • Email Optimization 
  • LinkedIn Ad Creation and Management
  • LinkedIn Automation
  • Reporting: Full access to our proprietary dashboard  
  • Website Management  
  • Website Conversion Optimization
  • Much more as needed 


Give you a formula and framework for predictable growth, and put you on a 90-day path to SIGNIFICANTLY growing your sales with a true MARKETING SYSTEM (I like to call it a marketing machine)

About Eastmain

We are a data-driven digital marketing agency that helps businesses accelerate their sales through our strategic marketing system.

At EastMain, we know that the goal of your business is to bring in profits, and to do that, you need a marketing system that can always bring in these sales. This is why our agency is focused on using carefully planned marketing strategies to give your business the financial growth it deserves.

We are digital marketing experts, and we’ve helped over 700 brands attain their business growth through our working marketing system, which has yielded a positive result over time.

Why Trust Us?

We Are a Certified Digitalmarketer.com Partner Agency

We are certified in the 8 core competencies of digital marketing:


What Our Customers Say

Store is incredible!


Amazing work, the new site and all our outreach programs are amazing! This is my second time using their services and they always goes beyond my expectations, the team has been super responsive and the quality of the store is incredible. I will definitely make business with you again. Thanks!! Maximum Slim Products

Kidney Restore


We launched about 6 months ago. Got started pretty quickly, but things have really moved well the last 3 months. This month we are on target to be about 41% over where we started when we first began implementing the 90 Day Accelerator. We are still just scratching the surface of what EastMain can do for us

Natural Healing


We are a mix of brick and mortar and ecommerce. Trying to marry the two over the years has been a struggle we tried so many agencies and “coaches”. After being stagnant the last two years, after working with Ian and the team we were able to find a clear path to growth on both sides and a new vision for the company that has already paid off. After wanting to sell the business we are now excited for the next 5 years of growth.

Absolutely top class!


Absolutely top class. I loved working with EastMain. They are very professional and very attentive to detail. I’ve never had to once ask them for anything. They kept the communication flowing and asked me questions until he had all the information to get started. Once they started working, my account manager kept messaging at least once a day to give me updates. I was so happy that he was on top of everything. I would love to work with them again and would absolutely recommend him to everyone. Skout Organics

Store is incredible!


At Everyman we are immensely grateful to Ian and the team for all the love and patience they poured into our project. We had a Shopify store already up and running but no Amazon presence before Ian and his team started a full makeover and integration onto that platform. Description tabs, sleek minimalist design, professional stock images, page formatting, store navigation improvement, custom coding for pages, and overall close attention to small details to provide a stunning website and Amazon presence are just some of the services that we received. We now have a true omni channel/omni presence marketing system. Great 5+ stars! Everyman

There are many reasons your business is not scaling…

  1. There is a lack of clarity with your marketing plan.
  2. Your marketing team or agency isn’t stepping up or taking initiative.
  3. They are missing deadlines and taking too long to get projects done.
  4. You are missing out on leads and sales one at a time because your team is missing small details.
  5. You feel overwhelmed and like you have to do everything (or way too much) in order to get things to move forward.

Do any or all of these feel familiar?

These are all symptoms of the same thing, and it is the number one reason that businesses stop scaling.

You don’t have a clear plan for what your company is doing marketing wise or where you are going.

Before you get defensive (like I did the first time I heard this) take a couple of breaths and really think about this…

  • Do you have a clear, documented marketing plan?
  • Does every member of your team have a copy of that plan?
  • Is it easy to understand, and impossible to misunderstand?
  • Are there clear outcomes that demonstrate for everyone what you are trying to achieve together?
  • Is it clear who is responsible for what in the plan?
  • Do you have clear measurement around each part of the plan that shows your team if you are winning or not?

If you can’t answer yes, confidently, to each one of these questions, then this is the reason your business is not scaling.

If you can’t answer yes to these questions and your business is over half million a year, then you are in one of the most difficult places an entrepreneur can be. You have the responsibility of a half million-plus business but you are still running your company by force personality instead of process.

If you don’t have a plan, then transactional (force of personality) management, is the only way to run your business.

Without a plan, you and only you, the entrepreneur who knows where things are going, will always be the biggest bottleneck in your company.

Once you have a plan, your team can get out in front of you and lead the way instead of being micromanaged for each thing they need to do.

If you’re ready to make the impact you’ve always known you can make and take your business to the next level, creating a true marketing plan, have a true marketing system that acts as a roadmap for everyone involved is crucial.

Are you ready?