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Our Approach

We believe marketing should be simple and effective. Our approach starts with the six fundamentals. These are the foundation of our system – simple, yet powerful building blocks. Once these are implemented, effective marketing follows.

The Six Fundamentals of Marketing


The first fundamental is about vision and focus. Understanding your business and defining where you want to go is the first step to getting there.


The second fundamental is about knowing your target customer. How and where to engage them, and why they do or don’t do business with you.


Understanding the path to a sale and how your product or service meets the needs of your customer will properly position your products and services.


The fourth fundamental is making sure sales and marketing are working in concert. This is important to promote operational efficiency and sales growth.


Accountability, the fifth fundamental is about creating a strong marketing plan, supported by a consistent cadence and defined accountability.


The sixth fundamental is knowing how much and where to spend your marketing dollars, for the optimal return on your marketing investment.

Our Process

We are accountable for building your marketing strategy and so much more. We develop your marketing system, overseeing its execution with your team, and making sure it is driving sales. Our proven process is designed to support B2B and B2C companies regardless of size or industry type. This repeatable process is structured to be dependable and consistent, yet flexible enough to accommodate your unique marketing needs.
At a strategic level, “why?” is the most important question to ask and answer. We want to understand your overall objectives for the your business, and determine if the EastMain model is a good fit.
EastMain will conduct a marketing survey with the key stakeholders and customers, and review any additional information provided. The survey follows our six marketing fundamentals establishing a baseline of where the company is today. The survey and external findings are used to create a detailed analysis of your marketing strategy and execution and list of recommendations.

Marketing Strategy  Session

During this session, we begin to formalize your Six Marketing Fundamentals by establishing your Wildly Important Goal, or WIG, clarify what we know about your customer(s) and understand how to position  your offering in the mind of the customer.  We will also review how marketing can support your sales process.

Action Session and Kickoff

This is where the action happens. We formalize your two-year WIG and begin developing your marketing strategy. We complete a DOS exercise to uncover opportunities, then use these opportunities to formulate our 90-day priorities. We develop your scorecard, evergreen marketing campaign plan, and campaign budget.  Kickoff is approximately 1-2 weeks after the action session.

Deliverable: Foundation Quarter Plan and Kickoff

We will deliver a full foundational report and strategy document including the first quarter Foundational Plan.  The first quarter plan is used to establish a foundation for your marketing efforts and includes scorecard metrics, campaign themes, calendars, budgets, rocks and action items.  The scorecard, rock and action item tools are configured to use in the Weekly Check-ins.

Quarterly Sprints

Once your marketing audit and foundation sessions are complete, EastMain kicks off your quarterly sprint and manages it weekly with check-ins. During the quarter we manage your team, your vendors, and our team to execute your quarterly priorities all with the overarching 2-year marketing goal in mind. Each quarter we facilitate a new action session for the following quarter and continue our sprint process.

Each week we have a check-in call to review the scorecard, action items, results, and any hurdles. This call helps manage cadence, accountability, and stay focused on what’s most important for the business.
EastMain supports campaign management, process documentation, vendor management, and provides ongoing expertise, guidance, and coaching as we work together to reach your goals.
This session identifies the quarterly goals, the milestones to be met, and the metrics to record success. Once these are established, we develop the supporting marketing activities, processes, and address any obstacles.
During the quarterly sprint kickoff, we deliver the marketing action report, establish the quarterly theme, confirm the budgets, and action items, and then kickoff the marketing calendar and launch the campaigns.

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