Stop Taking Shots In The Dark... Stop Guessing...

KNOW Which Companies In Your Market Are
Ready To Buy From YOU And Focus on THEM

Winter Is Coming and B2B Lead Generation is changing with the power of A.I. and Machine Learning…

The EastMain Profit Generator Program is the only solution on the market that can tell you who are your best prospects, when is the best time to reach them, and most importantly, why them… why now?

The Quickest Path To Generating More Profits For Your
Business Is KNOWING Who Is Ready To Buy From YOU...

Recently Forrester published a stat stating that 68% of the sale is complete before a
company even engages with a salesperson…

Forrester isn’t guessing…

They know this to be true because of a concept called Identity Resolution…

To give you an idea of how Identity Resolution works, imagine you had 10,000 companies in your
marketplace and they were all sitting in a stadium wearing blue shirts…

B2B Marketing Service

Since everyone has on the same color shirt, there isn’t any way to determine who’s in the market to make a purchase, and who’s considered making a purchase from YOU…

However, if we were to go give red shirts to the companies that are in the market to buy, and we gave red shirts with white collars to the companies who are ready to make a purchase from YOU, then you would have the power to shift your marketing to those ready to buy from you…

Identity Resolution and machine learning put the red shirts with white collars on the companies actively pursuing a purchase from YOU…

The key that makes it all work is the 50 BILLION real-time behaviors our machine learning A.I. collects every day…

With Identity Resolution, you aren’t guessing or doing intent-based marketing…

You know exactly WHO is looking to make a purchase from YOU…

When we say Winter Is Coming it’s not just some catchy phrase from a popular TV series…

Identity Resolution and machine learning is being used in every capacity of revenue
generation and every type of business imaginable (and has been for years), yet most
people don’t even realize Identity Resolution exists…

Facebook, Google and Amazon have used it successfully (and quietly) for well over a

This has put companies like yours at a huge disadvantage…

Until now…

What would having every buying insight on your entire marketplace (in real time) do for your business?

How would it feel to only make phone calls or send emails to those companies that are ready to buy from YOU?

Your quickest path to profits is in knowing who to contact… when to contact them… and most importantly… why to contact them…

It’s the business trifecta: right person… right time… right offer…

It gives you a level of profit efficiency you currently do not have…

When every effort… every resource… and every person working for you is pursuing the best financial opportunities 24/7…

THAT’S a competitive advantage!

But only if you take action while your competition hasn’t caught on…

Utilizing Programmatic For B2B Marketing

Selling business products and services can be a difficult task as we all know the path to purchase is traditionally longer than other B2C marketing. But we at EastMain try to be a steward of our own marketing…constantly testing and measure our own B2B marketing efforts. We don’t simply have a salesforce. We have a marketing tool kit that yields us over 600 leads per month. We call it the EastMain and it’s cornerstone for marketing automation that we would implement for you.

Our suite of solutions for B2B Inbound Marketing include:

b2b marketing

How Can Programmatic Display Be Utilized For B2B Marketing?

Programmatic display is inherently a top to middle of funnel awareness building form of digital advertising. So the question remains how can B2B enterprises utilize Programmatic Display and walk key decision makers at companies through the entire purchase funnel (the same way EastMain does for our clients)? Here are some examples:

Recorded Geofencing Webinar. Here Is What You’ll Learn

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Key Geo Fencing Benefits

Solutions That We Utilize For B2B Companies

Need to gain more leads and exposure from Google Adwords? We are Adwords certified and work on million dollar campaigns for clients.

Reach Consumers On The “Rest Of The Web”
Google and Facebook are huge channels. But there’s still another world out there. Our programmatic solutions allow companies and brands to reach their ideal audience in a targeted way.

We Can Get Your Clients Ranked On Major Search Engines
Want some increase organic traffic. Our team can build an SEO plan allowing your clients to rank for local and national keywords centered around those actively searching for you or expressing a need.

Use Social Media To Advertise To Your Ideal Audience
With our sophisticated and custom tailored advertising solution, we can get as granular as you want to target those most likely to engage with your client’s brand.

Reporting For ALL Your Campaigns
This is an area we love to talk about. With analytics, we can determine what’s effective and what’s not and turn ineffective campaigns into positive ROI campaigns for our clients. You will receive regularly reports highlighting the most important functions of your campaigns and we will report on everything via one dashboard.

Programmatic Display Campaign Development

Digital Analysis​

Here we perform a deep digital dive into your company to see how we can leverage programmatic for your business and your business objectives.​

Creative Development​

It's time we deep dive into the various keyword opportunities that will translate into targeted increased traffic and above industry norm click-through-rates.​

Programmatic Development​

It's time to begin developing your programmatic campaign from campaign tactic to targeting and even geographic targeting.​


We pull all our programmatic display data into a dashboard and review to begin our process of proactive optimizations.​


Whether it's changing targeting, removing domains not performing, or developing better creative assets, we take this part seriously.​

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“47% of consumers surveyed stated that they would be likely to shop from a retailer that offered promotions when they are nearby. “

“Studies suggest that when a user isn’t surfing the web on his or her phone, he or she is likely to spend 86% of smartphone time using apps.”

Geofencing can be the key differentiator in your business targeting the audience that matters the most to your company.

Why would you not want to be in front of those active buyers? We can get your company ranked.

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