Designed for incrementality AI powered creative intelligence Omnichannel ad management Autonomous ad buying machine Built for exponential business growth

Way beyond ad optimization

Imagine a team of elite ad buyers working for you for the price of a software

Advertising Platform

EastMain madgicx is an AI-backed omnichannel marketing platform with creative intelligence and autonomous ad buying capabilities that optimizes ads across Facebook, Instagram & Google.

Harness the power of AI

AI-powered creative intelligence

Our computer visioning algorithms analyze millions of data points from your creatives and evaluate the performance of each element separately to tailor the perfect content for the right audience.

The secret weapon of
30,000+ advertisers


An affordable solution for scaling any business


Technology that meets enterprises’ needs


Grow your agency without growing the headcount


A machine that takes over all your ad-buying tasks


AI-backed platform built to increase your ROAS

Lead Generation

Tools that maximize lead value and reduce CPL

App Install

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Designed for SaaS that want to grow like EastMain

Automate your workflow

Autonomous ad-buying machine

Simply provide the machine with your KPIs and targets, and the intelligent algorithms will autonomously optimize your account 24/7, freeing you to focus on what you’re good at.

Get ready to grow

Designed for incrementality

EastMain provides you with unprecedented performance insights, which reveal hidden metrics and direct you towards revenue-oriented decision making. EastMain provides you with unprecedented performance insights, which reveal hidden metrics and direct you towards revenue-oriented decision making.

Key capabilities

Strategic Dashboard

The executive’s cockpit provides a holistic account performance overview.

AI Audiences

27 audiences created according to an eRFM model for better targeting.

Ad Launcher

An all-inclusive hub that turns content into powerful personalized ads.

Ad Copy Insights

Leveraging AI text interpretation technology to constantly improve ad copies.

Automation Tactics

Pre-built tactics based on proven ad-buying strategies designed to maximize performance.

Custom Automation

Advertiser-friendly customization for streamlining ad optimization workflows.

Creative Insights

Creative intelligence for tailoring content to audiences at scale.

Bid Optimization

The optimal setup for testing scalable audiences to find the best bids.

Budget Optimization

The 1st ever account-level budget optimizer on the market. Built for an incremental business outcome.

Smart Filters

A data powerhouse providing comprehensive segmentation for intelligent decision-making.

Scaling Strategies

Designed to automatically scale ads at the right moment based on user input & real-time data.

Ad Care

Supportive features for owning the comments section and increasing overall ad performance.

EastMain Mobile

Monitor your ad performance wherever you are.

Audience Studio

Interest targeting for every business.

See results in 1-2 days

Proven Strategies

Benefit from $100M in ad-spend experience

We know what works, so instead of wasting time on trial and error, simply access proven strategies, tactics and capabilities that will give you the competitive edge.

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“47% of consumers surveyed stated that they would be likely to shop from a retailer that offered promotions when they are nearby. “

“Studies suggest that when a user isn’t surfing the web on his or her phone, he or she is likely to spend 86% of smartphone time using apps.”

Geofencing can be the key differentiator in your business targeting the audience that matters the most to your company.

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