Affiliate Program Management

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We help you to manage your affiliate campaign, track affiliate sale activities transparently,
get reports & view performance of your campaign – all in a single place.

Features and Benefits


Being an agency partner to top affiliate networks, we will provide you additional discount in monthly fees.


Good relations with over 115+ Top performing affiliates to promote your business faster.


In house design and programming team to provide you with design & technical support.


You get quality work at very competitive prices! Focus on better return on investment.


Get notification from our manger about the affiliate fraud sale alert.


FREE dashboard and mobile app to track, affiliate sale, New affiliates stats, TOP affiliate details, reports.

What is included in our affiliate marketing services?

  • Access to a proprietary affiliate marketing dashboard
  • Account setup on 3 or 4 affiliate networks
  • 3-5 banner creations per month
  • 4-5 text links creation per month
  • 1-2 mobile banners/month
  • 1-2 flash banner ads per month
  • Welcome message for affiliates
  • Approved and Declined message for affiliates
  • Integration of tracking code on the shopping cart

  • Writing an email to recruit publishers
  • Writing, designing and sending out a newsletter to publishers
  • Uploading data feed on the network account
  • Recruiting and communicating with 50 publishers every week
  • Weekly and monthly performance reports
  • Email support with a professional support team
  • Phone support with a professional support team


  • AgencyPlatform account creation and setup
  • Link your affiliate network account on dashboard
  • Creating new affiliate email responders
  • Create banners in jpg.png.gif format
  • Creating text links based on products
  • Recruiting affiliates relevant to merchant industry
  • Approve and decline affiliates
  • Google Analytics account setup and linking on dashboard
  • Weekly Affiliate management status reports
  • Monthly Affiliate sales performance report


  • Top 5 affiliate performance stats
  • Top banner performance stats
  • Providing feedback to TOP affiliates
  • Weekly Affiliate management status reports
  • Monthly Affiliate sales performance report


Affiliate Marketing is a method of driving sales of a product or service using a third party sales force that only get paid on results. You are paying on results which mean you are getting more sales for less risk. Affiliate marketing is, first and foremost, about relationships. It relies on a relationship between a merchant (ie. Retailer) and you, the affiliate/publisher, as well as a relationship between you and consumers. When you promote the merchant’s product or service offerings (on your blog, website, social media feed, etc.) and a consumer purchases a product/service from the brand based on your promotion, the merchant pays you a revenue share of the sale that you helped generate.

Affiliates can be individual bloggers, publishers, and influencers as well as companies. Examples include:

  • Coupon sites
  • Content/blogging sites
  • Loyalty/reward sites
  • Deal sites
  • Influencer networks

Affiliates can get compensated in a variety of ways, which are determined by the merchant. The three most common are pay per sale or pay per lead. Affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts actually result in a transaction. Most often, all payments earned by affiliates are paid out through the third-party network the program is hosted on.

In affiliate marketing, affiliate programs are run on affiliate networks. Networks help affiliates register and apply to individual programs and act as the trusted intermediary between affiliates and merchants. For example, networks host the merchants’ creative (banners, links, etc.), handle all tracking and reporting, and automatically pay out commissions to affiliates based on the rules set by the merchant. The network uses cookies to track a customer’s progress from the affiliate’s blog/website (or multiple affiliates’ websites) through the merchant’s shopping cart. The network then automatically pays out commissions to affiliates based on the rules set by the merchant. A few of the most common affiliate networks are ShareASale, Commission Junction, LinkConnector, Admitad and Linkshare.

We do manage Shareasale, Linkshare, CJ, Linkconnector, Pepperjam, Admitad, Clixgalore and Commission Factory.

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