Real people are bringing you real solutions to drive business to your company.

Our Values are both our Identity and our Promise

Defining and motivating our every interaction with you. Hanging belief statements on a wall isn’t sufficient–we don’t. Effective values must be internalized and then intentionally practiced. We strive for that every day because we want to be a company we are proud of.


By thinking and creating together, we combine our strengths to give you a superior, more versatile solution. We intentionally maintain a collaborative environment where each team member’s voice is heard, valued, and respected so that their ideas benefit you.


By giving attention to every detail, we create a product that far surpasses the status quo. We give you only the best we can humanly create–because it’s just the right thing to do.


Much like a trusted friend, we’re ready to go the extra mile. We are here for you, striving to put your best interests first—regardless of project size or budget—so that we can become your trusted partner.


To us, creativity is problem solving, and we believe in solving the impossible. We never settle for the first, easiest, or quickest solution. We carefully analyze, research, and create a custom solution that not only solves your challenge but also helps you stand out.


We strive to always deliver what we promise you, to meet every deadline, and to communicate proactively. Because we treat your business like our own, we strive to deliver services upon which you can completely rely.


We believe that by demonstrating a sense of humor and developing an enjoyable workplace environment, we create an enduring atmosphere for exceptional creativity, outstanding client service, and thriving team members.

Our Values

Collaboration Isn't Just a Word We Say

We believe the best work requires collaboration. Our creative teams share an open studio space that allows for teamwork on every project, and you’ll often see us sketching out ideas on our tables during group meetings in one of our hi-tech conference rooms. Our cozy breakout rooms inspire personal creativity and are perfect for smaller brainstorming sessions.

A Relaxed Atmosphere to Create

Everything about our environment makes it easy for us to do what we love — create. And while we’re serious about our work, we’ll never turn down an opportunity to kick back and have fun as a team. Depending on when you stop by the office, you might find us in the middle of an office-wide Nerf battle or slinging boxes of donuts and lattes around the office for a mid-morning boost.

Our Story

Ian grew up in a small family bakery business, helping when and where he could but played multiple sports through high school and baseball in college limiting his time. The time spent there did, however, allow him to see the ups and downs of small business, including the lack of systems and true marketing his parents had. This, in part, pushed him to earn a business marketing degree.

In 2001, he officially joined his family’s business, putting in place the first website, sales brochure and other business development initiatives. Over the next 16+ years, he routinely doubled the businesses year over year sales, eventually franchising the concept, opening 10 locations and employing over 200. After selling the franchise brand in 2017, he founded The EastMain Business Group to help other businesses “fix-up” and sell theirs, before focussing on business coaching, consulting and ultimately digital marketing. Over the past few years, he has worked with nearly two hundred businesses, in various capacities, with his ultimate passion and vision of helping other business owners break through the challenges they may be having, enjoy a profitable business and find the true path of their entrepreneurship vision and goals.

EastMain is based on the premise that most modern businesses start with a website, just like years ago it started with a physical location. Back then, it was all about location, location, location but now it is about being found on search and converting when they get to your site. EastMain is based on the premise that all businesses need 3 things to succeed: A great time, time to work on the business not in the business and money (through marketing that brings revenue and will drop to the bottom line). Our solutions aim to accomplish all three and we would love to show you exactly how. Book a free discovery call today!

Team Members

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Ian Magley

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Dan Evans

Designer & Social Media Manager
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Sarina Frankie

Project & Team Manager
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Account Manager
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Account Manager
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Tuhin Rofiqul

Admin & Tactical Manager

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