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There are people looking for your services every single day online.
We make sure they find you over your competition, consistently.

We have successfully grown over 700 brands

We offer performance based result guaranteed marketing.  
It's the best option.

Performance marketing is online marketing and advertising programs where you pay only when a specific action occurs. These actions can include a generated lead, a sale, a click, and more.

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Why EastMain?

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How We Help?

What Do We Do?

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Hello! We are EastMain -

a data marketing agency based in New Jersey.

At EastMain, we generate the highest quality leads powered by AI and machine learning. Our proprietary platform tracks over 15 billion data points across the internet that monitor human behavior of more than 275 million Americans. We then use our data technology and smart marketing systems to develop campaigns that market our partner’s ads to only 3% of individuals that are actual buyers.

Omnipresent media buying across all platforms


AI Data Contacts

Decrypting a list of contacts through AI that has shown user behavior search for your service.


Ads Targeting

We target the data contacts with Facebook/Google Ads and programmatic media buying, instead of targeting your entire city.


Leads Nurturing

Use our dashboard to nurture your leads with calls, emails, text messages, voice drops and direct mail.


Delivery & Conversion

Your leads are delivered in your dashboard, or your CRM of preference through our API.

Our Expertise!

Technology and Data are the New Marketing and requires expertise more than it requires money.

In-Market Audiences

Think of everyone "in the market" that's ready to purchase from you or hire you. Through machine learning and AI, we give you a list of contacts that have shown online activity searching for your service.

Lead Generation

We take it from A to Z through the entire funnel and deliver a qualified lead specifically requesting to connect with you while reducing your cost per acquisition.

EastMain Digital Marketing in New Jersey

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Certified Digitalmarketer.com Partner Agency

We are certified in the 8 core competencies of digital marketing:

Data-Driven Behavioral Insight Technology

Permanent Targeting

Get ownership of your targeting data. It is not cookie-based. It is people-based and never expires. Imagine how much you can do.

Pre-Purchase Buying Behavior

We track URL-level behavior, keyword searches, content consumption, social behavior, campaign response and buying behavior.

Portable Targeting

Our data files are delivered in a format that every major advertising platform accepts. It puts control of your marketing in your hands and your hands alone.

Closed Loop Analysis

Predictions with measured outcomes are priceless. We measure outcomes to improve our predictions.

Transparent Targeting

100% Sales Match Accountability, which means full ad-spend attribution, giving you the ability to track every marketing dollar spent and accurately measure its effectiveness.

Conversion Behavior Profile

We model the behavior of past buyers to predict the behavior of future buyers, it is more accurate than any other type of targeting.

What Our Customers Say